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Debbie Jordan

Debbie Jordan

I have always loved taking photographs. Even as a child, my first compact film camera was in constant use. I would wake up early just to go out in my backyard to photograph the morning sun and the dew on the flowers. Gradually, I worked my way up to a 35mm film camera, and then to a digital DSLR in more recent years. My love for nature and photography has grown and evolved over the years.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, I studied Art Education at Towson University. With an extensive background in drawing, painting and photography, and ten years of experience as a professional picture framer, I launched DAJ Designs in 2003 as an outlet to share my photography with others. Although I have photographed weddings and special corporate events, my lifelong passion is wildlife and nature photography. There is something about being out with wild creatures or in remote surroundings that brings to life a part of my soul. My desire is to capture the beauty of nature and be able to share it with others through my lens... And maybe touch a place in their souls as well.


National Audubon Society
Central Maryland Photography Guild
Carroll County Arts Council
Hanover Arts Guild

Benjamin Dehaven

Benjamin DeHaven

I find photography to be a mostly lonely adventure. I have wandered many national parks alone seeking my next best shot, but I never feel alone when I have my camera with me. While lonely at times, I tend to allow my photography to convey my feelings and emotions which is the ultimate goal. Some of my best photography memories include being waist deep in snow in the local reservoir or driving through a national park. Photography allows me to bring a story to life through the emotions of each photograph, for those who are willing to see it and hear it. My stories include sunrises, star-filled skies, sunsets and many birds in between; each photograph a chapter flowing out of my emotions and heart. I find that when I am out exploring the next story, I feel a peace and experience a quiet that I just can't find in my normal day-to-day life. A moment of Zen triggered by my shutter.